1. Ordering Information
Tubes or pipes
Norms specification
Size, wall thickness
End use ( if possible )
2. Size Range
See size table

3. Length
Max length 14000mm depends on size,please verify before ordering.Cutting length for the component will be available as per the drawing.

4. Tests and Inspection
Heat analysis
Production analysis ( if possible )
Tensile test
Impact test
Hydraulic test or equivalent
Visual and dimensional inspection
Additional specific tests can be agreed at the time of ordering
5. Surface
Tubes and pipes will be supplied in accordance with standard workmanship as per cold drawn seamless products. Rust production with oil or varnish will be at the option of customer.
6. Certification
The products are supplied with 3.1 specific test certificates acc. to EN10204. Certificate according to 3.2 can be agreed at the time of ordering.
7. Identification and Marking
Logo / Mill name
Specification / Norm
CDS ( cold drawn seamless )
Hear No.
Inspection Agency ( if possible )
8. Packing
The pipes and tubes may be furnished with hexagonal bundles or wooden boxes with capped ends.In order to prevent rust during sea shipment,bundles may be wrapped with polypropylene sheets.